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Favorite quotes from Shepherd's Conference

Shepherd's Conference last week was an enriching time. Over 4,000 men were present, representing 45 different countries.

The Lord impressed many truths upon my heart that I'm still meditating on. Here are some favorite quotes from the seminars and main sessions I was able to attend:

"There is no creation science. Science cannot explain creation." - John MacArthur

"A ministry's attitude toward Genesis 1-2 reveals their attitude toward the rest of Scripture" - John MacArthur

"If you deny the creation account, you diminish praise to God" - John MacArthur

"Walk on the grass, kill the deer, drill for oil" - John MacArthur, after explaining that environmentalism dishonors God's command to subdue the earth and is killing millions of people

"The further we walk, the better the fishing" - cited by Irv Busenitz, who showed that the deep study of the Old Testament holds great reward

"The Bible was meant to be read forward, not backward" - Walt Kaiser, cited by Irv Busenitz, on how to properly read and interpret the Bible

"Some of us will eat a lot of crow at the marriage supper of the Lamb" - Irv Busenitz

"Damaging the church is rarely intentional" - Tom Pennington

"Paul never let his Calvinism get in the way of his care" - Rick Holland

"Satan always uses our language, and his dictionary" - Rick Holland

"Christianity is fundamentally a rational religion, which is why we teach" - Rick Holland

"The aim of apologetics is to present the gospel, not just argue for theism. We must win converts to Jesus Christ" - Nate Busenitz

"Don't pursue respectability at the expense of biblical fidelity" - Nate Busenitz

"An age of question marks is allergic to the exclamation mark" - Al Mohler, on why our culture is so resistant to expository preaching

"Preaching is your responsibility to get God's Word from your lips to the congregation's ears. The Spirit will get it from their ears to their heart." - Martin Luther, cited by Al Mohler

"To depart from the gospel is to depart from God Himself" - Steve Lawson

"If Jesus is not the only way to salvation, He's no way to salvation. For He said He was the only way. And no liar could be a Savior." - Steve Lawson

"This is not a time for dialogue. This is a time for declaration." - Steve Lawson

"If we please God, it does not matter who we displease. If we displease God, it does not matter who we please." - Steve Lawson

"To design a God who gives people sovereignty outside Himself is to design a different God" - John MacArthur

"The existence of evil actually makes God more glorious." - John MacArthur, showing how the existence of evil puts all of God's attributes on clearer display and causes us to sing with greater passion

If you would like to learn more about this year's conference, you can read the live-blog here, listen to MP3s here, or see photos here.

Photo credit: Lukas VanDyke


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