Saturday, October 31, 2009

Missions rummage sale

This weekend, our church is hosting a rummage sale to raise money for missions. Every penny will go to support global missions and disaster relief. It's been such a blessing to watch the Body of Christ come together and support the Great Commission.

The rummage sale idea began to take shape a few months ago. I remember meeting with our missions committee to discuss different fund-raising ideas. I felt burdened that we needed to do something this fall to help our International Missions Board get families on the field who are ready and just waiting for support.

We tossed around a lot of fund-raising ideas like bake sales, car washes, and sponsorships, then finally agreed a rummage sale would probably be best. It involves no overhead costs and has allowed us to tap into an income pool outside our own church. As an added benefit, it has drawn many unchurched people to set foot in our sanctuary, thus raising awareness and making initial contact with our church. (Plus, it's given some of us an excuse to clean out our closets!)

Today is the second day of our sale. Praise the Lord, we've already raised $800, and would be thrilled if we could break a thousand. There will be a lot of clean up needed this afternoon to get the sanctuary back in order and ready for worship tomorrow morning, but all the labor has been worth it if more people around the world are hearing the good news of Jesus Christ.

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