Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Supporting the GCR Task Force

Last night at our annual meeting, the Inland Empire Southern Baptist Association unanimously adopted a resolution to pray for the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force and its work; to pray for an outpouring of God's Spirit in reviving churches; and to recommit ourselves to the comprehensive work of making disciples according to the Great Commission.

It was a joyful moment that made me thankful and proud to be part of our association.

While we don't know what recommendations the Task Force will bring to Orlando next summer, I expect they will be truly bold and innovative. Still in the research phase of their discussion, Dr. Danny Akin has penned a number of helpful articles to dispel some of the more popular "Task Force myths." He concluded his series this morning. Here are links to all the articles:
Akin concludes his series by saying,
One more time the bottom-line is simply this: the nations need to hear the gospel. Without it they are eternally lost. We have the gospel and God has graced us with the personnel and resources to get the good news of Jesus to them. The question we all must ask and answer is this: what will I do to see this happen? Let’s not live wasted lives. Let’s not be a wasted Convention of churches. Jesus deserves better. Those who have never heard the gospel deserve better. I believe, by God’s grace, we can step up and be better. Dear Lord, please make it happen!
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