Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Taking care of the pastors wife

This post isn't an attempt to be self-serving. But as a pastor, I can testify how valuable my wife is in my ministry. She may not stand behind the pulpit on Sundays, but my ministry, my sanity, our family, and our church would simply not be what they are without her constant help, counsel, and comfort. Whatever church you belong to, and whoever your pastor's wife is, consider doing something special this month to say "thank you" for her important behind-the-scenes role in your church.

Here's a list by Becky Badry of 18 ways church members can care for their pastor's wife...
The ministers' wives in your church are special ladies in your women's ministry with a set of needs unique to ministers' families. Make special efforts to take care of a minister's wife and family by trying a few practical ministry ideas:
1. First and foremost, pray for her. Ask for her prayer requests, and check back for answered prayers. If she shares with you, confidentiality is a must.
2. Ask her to give her testimony at a women's event.
3. Recognize her during pastor appreciation month (October) as part of the pastoral family.
4. Take up a love offering just for her.
5. Get to know her. Ask her questions about her favorite people, places, and things.
6. Send her cards and notes of encouragement.
7. Remember birthdays and anniversaries with cards and or gifts.
8. Be sensitive to ministers' family time.
9. Be responsive in times of illness or needs.
10. Give her a prepaid phone card so she can call family and friends.
11. Offer free childcare so that she can have a break from the kids.
12. Give her a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant.
13. Go shopping with her, and buy her a new dress or outfit (Don’t just give her the money - she’s like every other woman and will probably spend it on the kids or something for the home!).
14. Invite her to have lunch with the girls.
15. Pay for her to have a manicure, pedicure, or a day at the spa.
16. Pay for the minister's family to have a night out (ballgame, movie, or dinner)
17. Pay expenses so that she may attend women's ministry or ministers' wives events.
18. Give her a gift of thank-you cards, and include a book of stamps.
Use these simple ideas to encourage the ministers' wives in your church and show your support from one church leader to another.

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