Friday, March 12, 2010

Quotes from the 2010 Shepherds' Conference, Part 2

Yesterday, I posted some of my favorite quotes from last week's Shepherd's Conference. Here are the rest...

"Don't just teach principles to apply. Teach the Savior we are to follow" -- Carey Hardy

"Preaching is calling people to live out who you are" -- Carey Hardy

" The more heavenly minded we are, the more earthly good we can be" -- Carey Hardy

"Legalism is a cheap substitute for true spirituality" -- Carey Hardy

"The greater we want to be used by God, the greater we must be willing to suffer for Him" -- Steve Lawson

"The taller we stand, the more we will draw the enemy's fire" -- Steve Lawson

"I believe in the devil, because I did battle with him this morning...Even the devil is God's devil. God will draw a straight line with a crooked stick" -- Martin Luther, quoted by Steve Lawson

"Job doesn't need to understand why. He only needs to understand who." -- Steve Lawson

"I make the sovereignty of God the pillow on which I lay my head at night" -- Charles Spurgeon quoted by Steve Lawson

"The greatest demonstration of the compassion of God is the incarnation of Christ" -- John MacArthur

"The funeral is not the end of our responsibility to bear people's grief" -- John MacArthur

"Jesus could not be defiled. He was like a rainbow in a dump" -- John MacArthur

"How does this bring us (1) to God in Christ (2) together? These two questions could be asked for every element of a worship service." -- Andy Snider

And lastly, though I don't have any pithy "quotes" from Michael Vlach, his lecture on dispensationalism was clear and compelling, and one of the highlights of the conference for me.

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