Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GCR passes

As you've probably heard by now, the Southern Baptist Convention passed the Great Commission Resurgence Report late Tuesday afternoon in Orlando, Florida. Tom Ascol has a good summary of yestserday's dramatic and historic events. Here's an excerpt:
I am convinced that the kindness and goodwill of Dr. Hunt and others on the platform ultimately won the day for the report. When the final vote was taken, it was an overwhelming majority that voted to adopt the report. I would estimate at least a 70%-30% margin.
I encourage you to read the whole thing here. And if you're still trying to figure out what the GCR report is all about, go check it out at 

Tomorrow, I'm going to the HolyLand Experience theme park with my host family. Should be a relaxing day after the past week's very demanding schedule. I'm bracing myself for the TBN influence. And having spent a semester in Israel, I know a theme park can't begin to compete. But I expect it will still be a pleasant and hopefully edifying experience.

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