Thursday, July 7, 2011

Health concerns for little Abigail

06.08.11 019Over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed our five-month old Abigail's skin sometimes turning purple/grayish instead of a healthy pink. It's been especially in her legs, and now it seems to be worsening. After holding her just a brief time, her legs darken as though her circulation is being restricted.

Natalie took Abby to the doctor last week and they didn’t see anything, but took her again this afternoon, and after a couple tests he was able to see she has “delayed capillary refill” (her blood capillaries are not refilling at the normal rate).

She's not in any immediate danger that we know of, but we are instructed to take her to the ER immediately if she develops trouble breathing or her skin begins to turn blue (this has happened twice in the past 3 weeks when we fed her and apparently held her in one position for too long). Otherwise, we will just try not to cut off her circulation, and will take her to the cardiologist just as soon as they can fit her in.

This appears to be unrelated to the problems with her right kidney, which is still being tested for hydronephrosis. As most of you know, Dylan had a major heart defect which required open-heart surgery when he was 2, so we’re on somewhat familiar territory here. But this is the first evidence that Abigail has a heart condition.

We’re very grateful for your prayers, and that God is in control of all this. We’re also thankful that the doctor confirmed Natalie’s suspicions about a vascular problem, and that we are now on the fast track to see the cardiologist.

Abiding in Christ,
Stephen & Natalie

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