Friday, July 22, 2011

Palm Springs Tramway

Last week, I took Natalie to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to celebrate our anniversary. Here are some of our favorite photos…
07.22.11 013
Here’s a view from the base of the tram station. It’s one of the steepest tramway ascents in the world, rising almost 6,000 ft. over a span of 2.5 miles.

07.22.11 016
Halfway up, we are met by a tram descending on the other side of the cable.

07.22.11 025
We had a beautiful view looking to the east, over the Coachella Valley and Salton Sea 30 miles away.

07.22.11 047
We took a nature hike up at the top and some some pretty wildflowers still in bloom. This one is lupine.

07.22.11 049
Standing at this outlook on the Desert View Trail, we could hear a waterfall and caught this magnificent view of the foothills leading into the San Jacinto mtn. range.

07.22.11 062
Creek and meadow just a short walk from the upper tram station.

07.22.11 068
Happy 11th Anniversary, Sweetheart!

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