Saturday, October 29, 2011

CSBC Annual Meeting Recap

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We just arrived home last night from a 1200 mile round-trip to Fremont for the California Southern Baptist Annual Meeting. Here were some highlights…

Once again, the Pastors Conference on Monday and Tuesday was excellent. Dr. Chris Morgan put together a great conference with some top notch speakers from across the state. They had a really interesting format this year. Each speaker was assigned a portion of the Book of Philippians, so over the course of five messages, we worked our way through the entire epistle. I was especially challenged by our call to unity and humility around the gospel of Jesus Christ. Monday night, the speakers shared a forum on preaching Philippians.

The business meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday was filled with music, preaching, reports, elections, recommendations, and recognition of our church planters. The most significant item of business occurred Tuesday afternoon, when the Focus 21 Task Force recommended to refer our progress report to the Executive Board. Discussion on the floor was lively, and it was obvious there was a quite a bit of hesitance or misunderstanding by some messengers. But by God’s grace, a spirit of love prevailed, and there were even some lighthearted moments of laughter to lighten the mood.

When it came time to vote, 68% agreed to refer the report to the Executive Board for further study and consideration. I wish even more would have seen the value of this report and the need for more effective stewardship and cooperation, but I’m thankful it did pass so this dialogue can continue.

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