Tuesday, June 19, 2012

SBC Makes History in New Orleans

Pastor David Crosby nominates Dr. Fred Luter as next President of the SBC
Today, we had the privilege of gathering in New Orleans to elect the first African-American President in the 167 year history of our Southern Baptist Convention. After nomination, Dr. Fred Luter ascended to the platform of the convention. Baptist Press describes what happened next...

It's customary, current SBC President Bryant Wright said, when there is only one candidate for elective office, for the SBC recording secretary to cast one vote for everyone.

"However, this chair on this occasion believes this historic moment should fully belong to the messengers of the Southern Baptist Convention," Wright said. He instructed the messengers to stand if it was "their pleasure" that Luter be elected president.

It was.

[Almost 8,000 messengers stood and gave a rousing ovation]

As Luter came to the podium, he wiped his eyes, pointed toward heaven, and wiped his eyes again.

"To God be the glory for the things He has done," Luter simply said. "God bless you. I love you."

Wright wrapped his arm around Luter's shoulders as he prayed for the man elected to lead the Southern Baptist Convention as of Wednesday evening, June 20.

It was an emotional moment for all of us in the room. But as Danny Akin noted in the IX Marks at Nine meeting tonight, our work has just begun. This must be more than symbolic. We have elected our first African-American president of the SBC and shown once and for all that we have repented of our denomination's past. Now we must support Dr. Luter as he leads us into the future.

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