Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Drive through Isaiah

Over the past three months, our church has been studying the Book of Isaiah. Like a drive across America, you can take the faster route or the longer, more scenic route. In our situation, we opted for the faster route.

I challenged our people at the outset of this journey to read one chapter of Isaiah per day, six chapters per week. Along the way, we saw some staggering visions, stern warnings, strange customs, and stunning promises.

As I reflect on this trip, I'm humbled at how much I still have to learn about Isaiah. At the same time, I'm grateful that God would willingly send His Son as our Savior and King.

Here are the passages we studied together on Sunday mornings, along with sermon links:

Isaiah 1: Isaiah: Prophet of Hope (no audio available)
Isaiah 6: Holy is the Lord of Hosts (audio)
Isaiah 11-12: Christ's Millennial Kingdom (audio)
Isaiah 15-16: The Pride of Moab (audio)
Isaiah 19: Striking and Healing (audio)
Isaiah 26: Perfect Peace (audio)
Isaiah 36-37: God Defends His People (audio)
Isaiah 43: No Other Savior (audio)
Isaiah 53: The Suffering Servant (audio)
Isaiah 55: Seek the Lord (audio)
Isaiah 66: Hope for the Humble (audio)

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