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40 books to strengthen your walk

Looking for books to add to your personal or church library? Do you want to read, but aren't sure where to begin or what's good? Monergism offers a list of 40 books they consider "both devotionally and theologically rich and have deeply impacted our ministry such that we want to set these apart as recommendations to you as a good place to start building a Christ-honoring library of books for your home."

These are not light Christian reading, but rich classics. Here's the list:

Truth For All Time - John Calvin

The Everlasting Righteousness - Horatius Bonar

The Holy Spirit - John Owen **

Chosen For Life - Sam Storms

When Grace Comes Home - Terry Johnson **

Knowing God - J.I. Packer

Saved by Grace - Anthony Hoekema

Sovereignty of God - A W Pink

Crook in the Lot - Thomas Boston **

The Christian in Complete Armour - William Gurnall **

The Bruised Reed - Richard Sibbes

Bondage of the Will - Martin Luther

The Religious Affections - Jonathan Edwards

History of the Work of Redemption - Jonathan Edwards

Reformed Doctrine of Predestination - Loraine Boettner

Redemption Accomplished and Applied - John Murray

The Enemy Within - Kris Lungaard

Mortification of Sin - John Owen

The Bible and the Future - Anthony Hoekma

A Case for Amillennialism - Kim Riddlebarger

God of Promise: Introducing Covenant Theology - Michael Horton

A Body of Divinity (Paperback) - Thomas Watson **

The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism - Tim Keller

Always Ready: Directions for Defending the Faith - Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen

Pilgrims Progress - John Bunyan

Gospel and the Kingdom - Graeme Goldsworthy

Biblical Theology - Geerhardus Vos

Systematic Theology - Wayne Grudem

New Systematic Theology - Robert Reymond

Justification and Regeneration by Charles Leiter **

How People Change - Timothy S. Lane & Paul David Tripp

Addiction: A Banquet in the Grave - Ed Welch

Shepherding a Childs Heart - Ted Tripp

Today's Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic - Walter Chantry

Tell the Truth - Will Metzger

Lectures to my Students - C.H. Spurgeon

The Cross and Christian Ministry - D.A. Carson

Institutes of the Christian Religion (2 Vol Set) by John Calvin **

The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification by Walter Marshall

Finally Alive by John Piper

I've only read about eight of these books so far. Several others I own, but have not read yet. Overall, the list does represent some excellent material, both past and present.

As always, read with discernment and search the Scriptures like a Berean (Ac. 17:11). Some of these titles will present a Reformed eschatology and ecclesiology, while I believe the Bible consistently teaches a more Baptistic ecclesiology and dispensational eschatology. But overall, I think this list would be very edifying and strengthening to your walk.


  1. While doing due diligence before visiting your church this Sunday I checked out your blog. What a delight to see some of my favorite authors and talk show hosts listed in your "40 books..." post. I hope you have had the opportunity to read a few more since March. :)


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