Thursday, December 10, 2009

Photos of Bible manners and customs

This looks like an outstanding resource, announced in Todd Bolen's latest BiblePlaces newsletter...

The Traditional Life and Customs photos...have long defined the entire [American Colony photo] collection for me. When someone would ask what I was working on, I'd smile and tell them about the photos in this set. If nothing else, the American Colony collection had to see the light of day because these were photos that I could never take myself, in any shape or form. With Jerusalem, you can still get a photo of the Kidron Valley, even if it is covered with buildings. But the only fishermen I see today on the Sea of Galilee are in motorboats and they are wearing plastic green coveralls. I have trouble imagining Jesus and the disciples with this picture.

Shepherds still roam the Judean hills with their flocks, but I hesitate to include them in any photo because they're wearing a windbreaker and Levis. The grain harvest usually includes a combine, and cooking is over an electric stove. When a locust plague threatens, the authorities are quick to react to prevent the insects from devouring the crops. That's good for the farmers, but bad for the photographers. This new volume has all of this and much more...

Just what does Traditional Life and Customs include?

Agricultural Life: Plowing, Sowing, Water, Vineyards, Locust Plague, Grain Harvest and Olive Harvest (185 photos total)

Biblical Stories: Christmas, Ruth, and Psalm 23 (75 photos total)

Psalm 23:2

Home Life: Food Preparation, Women at Work, and Weddings (100 photos total)

Religious Life: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Samaritan (110 photos total)

Work Life: Clothes Making, Fishing, Pottery Making, Shepherds, Trades, and Travel (150 photos total)

Quotations: We have scoured the reports of travelers in the 19th century for the most interesting and helpful descriptions of these scenes. Even if you didn't have the photos, your understanding and appreciation for traditional ways would be greatly increased by these quotations!

We dare you not to love this collection. (Note: We are not easily excited.)

You can purchase it online for $20, with free shipping in the US.

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