Saturday, February 4, 2012


Since I'm preaching on spiritual gifts right now, I figured it wouldn't hurt to take one of those spiritual gift tests. Here are the results:

Much to my relief, it says I'm gifted as a pastor. (Not sure what I would've done if I'd scored low in that area!) Not surprisingly, the areas of teaching and administration were also high.

Now, bear in mind, these tests are not fool-proof. And they're certainly not biblically required. The Holy Spirit was doing just fine for almost two-thousand years before these tests came along. If you take one, you'll notice that they are more a survey of what you enjoy doing and perceive about your own abilities. They can't factor in the essential role of others in the Body of Christ to affirm your gifts.

Nevertheless, the questions are interesting, and the results can be surprisingly accurate. If you've never done a spiritual gifts analysis, it may be one helpful way to "think with sober judgment" (Rom. 12:3) about your gifts. The one I did was through

Which 2-3 gift(s) do you think you're strongest in? Did the survey confirm this, or reveal anything new? Any areas you need to grow in?

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